SP Entertainment founded as Shere Punjab Bhagra Party
Let’s take you back to the 60’s

SP Entertainment originally known as Shere Punjab Bhangra Party was first formed in the UK in 1965. It started when a group of friends from India did Bhangra as a hobby, they were noticed and asked to perform for a range of events and celebrations around the UK, they were even televised, commending their talents and performances inclusive of collaborations with the world renown Parkash Kaur and Ramta.

After performing for approximately 15 years, the first generation of SP Entertainment were ready to take a step back and let their sons take over the traditional folk dance. Some of the key members of the original Bhangra Team included, Walethi Singh Pravana, Jaswanst Singh Jas, Kuldip Singh Pal, Balbir Singh Parus, Avtar Singh Rai, Kushwant Singh Rangila, Yaadpinder Singh & Pyara Singh Panchi.

Boom of Bhangra in the UK
The 80s

The 80’s were known as the years of fun, colour and energy which basically sums up Bhangra Dance. Given that, Bhangra became very popular in the UK and the sons of the original team were inundated with bookings performing all around the UK week after week showcasing their cultural traditional bhangra dance taught to them by their fathers. As time went on, many of the second-generation team had personnel commitments such as families, education and career opportunities therefore gradually drifted apart.

Rajinder Singh (the son of Kuldip Singh Pal) then noticed a gap in the market and started to teach Bhangra dance and Indian percussion in schools and privately. Having a number of students in many schools, Rajinder continued to perform with the students at weddings, local competitions and charitable fundraisers inclusive of the International Welsh Eisteddfod in North Wales, of which they were the first Bhangra group to perform in the eisteddfod ever with students from Fitzalan High School. During this period, the future of SP Entertainment was born, Rajinder’s son, Raj Singh.

Rajinder was very keen on keeping his love for music and bhangra alive through generations so always took his son, Raj to his Bhangra classes and competitions. At a very young age Raj had gained a great passion for music, Bhangra Dance and percussion. From the tender age of 3, Raj started to perform at public events after watching his dad perform show after show, inclusive of a Bhangra Dance alongside the famous and world-renowned Bhangra Singer, Malkit Singh. When Raj’s routine was complete, he ran straight off of the stage straight into his proud grandfather’s (Kuldip Singh Pal) arms (as shown above). The opening of the Cardiff Bay was also another public event participated by Rajinder and Raj, alongside the Late Princess Diana in front of thousands of people, Raj fortunately got a kiss of the Princess. As time went on, Rajinder’s business starting to grow so he had to leave the music industry to concentrate on his business. Rajinder and Raj occasionally performed at events and special occasions during this period.

The Present
The Relaunch
The 21st Century!

Raj Singh at the age of 16 re-launched in 2004 as an Entertainment Company rather than solely a ‘Bhangra Dance Group’ as when originally started by Raj’s Grandfather. ‘SP’ still stands for Shere Punjab but was abbreviated as the Entertainment company now provide a number of other services from Entertainment to Event production for private and corporate entities. Raj also currently undertakes private Indian Percussion classes with a number of students ranging from the ages of 4 years upwards.

SP Entertainment is now in its third generations and has been part of the Landa family for over 50 years. Sadly, Kuldip Singh Pal, one of the founding generation members of SP Entertainment passed away in 2016. However, this has only inspired his grandson, Raj Singh to take the company from strength to strength turning the once Bhangra Dance Group into the versatile, DJ, Live Entertainment and AV professionals they are recognised for today.

Raj Singh has grown SP Entertainment every year and off of the back this, SP Entertainment now have numerous subsidiaries in the same industry.


  • SP Events UK, undertaking the Wales Asian Wedding Show.
  • Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea Dance Floors, specialising in everything dancefloors from LED to bespoke printed designs.
  • Cardiff AV - Hiring of professional AV equipment in Wales and the South West.
  • Lighting Up Events, specialising in event décor and accessories such as LED light Up Letters, Neon Signs and so much more!