Pranay is another student of Raj Singh that has an amazing passion for the Dhol from a very young age. After learning for almost 10 years, Pranay has gone-on to win many awards and be recognised as a very skilled Dhol Player.


Shreeya is one of our first female Dhol Players to join SP Entertainment. Shreeya started as a student of Raj but quickly became a key performer in the Wales area not only for female only events but across all types of events.


Jeevan is a very experienced all rounded musician, playing Indian percussion around the world in live bands and as a solo act. Jeevan is a Dhol player that has brilliant stamina and has an abundance of creativity making every performance a breath-taking one.


Raj Singh is our most demanded Dhol Player possessing the skills of being a very bubbly, interactive and skilled drummer. Raj has been playing Indian percussion for over 25 years and performing professionally for over 20 years. Rajs’ unique talent is not only to play the Dhol very well, but to also sing live getting […]


Rajinder is our most experienced Dhol Player, with an infectious smile and years of experience, you can be sure that Rajinder will get your crowd dancing with his Boliyan and energetic skills!


DJ Anisha is one of our DJ’s that is predominantly booked for our female only events and never fails to impress. DJ Anisha is an experienced DJ specialising in everything from Arabic, Chart and of course, Bollywood and Bhangra Music.


DJ Anish has been part of our team for over 10 years. He is our internationally experienced DJ, specialising in everything from Bollywood and Bhangra, RnB and Hip-Hop to Chart, Cheese and 80’s. DJ Anish is the ultimate DJ that will make you want to skip dinner and party the night away!


DJ Janya is the latest addition to the team. DJ Janya has a great passion for house and techno music, however, being bought up in an Asian household, she enjoys her Bollywood and Bhangra Music. DJ Janya is full of energy and passion and you can count on her to deliver exactly that.


DJ RAJ is a household name in Wales and the South West. DJ Raj has built many years of rapport with all of the communities in Wales and the surrounding areas, providing versatility in terms of music, professionalism and exceeds expectations every time. Raj has a great passion for events, ensuring every event runs smoothly […]